Summer Drama Extravaganza!


Creative Workshops for Adults

Perfect for teams, project groups, meetings, or corporate retreats, Tokyo Bees Creative Workshops uses Improvisation, Drama, Games, Movement, Art, Mindfulness  & TPR ( Total physical Response) techniques to:


Promote Creative & Adaptive Problem Solving

Think out of the box

Foster Better Communication

Build Trust and Support in Teams

Enhance Focus & Concentration

Communicate More Effectively

Develop Self awareness

Build Empathy & Inter Personal Skills



ストーリータイム: 都内の図書館で定期的に英語での本の読み聞かせを行っています。時間は40分で、読み聞かせ、音楽、工作など、幅広い年齢を対象に行っています。費用は無料です。



Events are Free of charge and open to all ages. For details of our  English StoryTime Schedules and locations click on the links below:

  • 赤坂区民図書館

  • 港南区民図書館

  • 西葛西図書館





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